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One Day in Winter

22nd January, 2017 Today was not a particularly stormy day on the San Mateo South Coast - at times it was sunny and quite pleasant, but the effect of the wind and rain for the past week is begining to take its toll. These pictures were taken today at various places around the South Coast.

There were four road closures:

  • Pescadero Creek Road just west of the Flamingo Bridge - due to a downed tree that took out a power pole
  • Pescadero Creek Road at the bridge over Butano Creek at Bean Hollow Road - flooded for over a week now
  • Bean Hollow Road at Highway 1 - due to a cluster of downed pine trees
  • Scenic Drive - closed for over a week but now with a dramatic increase in the magnitude of the slide that has taken out at least 3 homes

There were numerous other small landslides and areas of erosion. There were over a dozen of these small landslides just on Bean Hollow Road alone along the stretch of road from the Pescadero Transfer Station down to the Fire Station.

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Road Closure: Road collapse on Scenic Drive
Three houses have been red-tagged. The road has subsided about 8 feet. Power and water lines have snapped.
VIDEO: more creekside erosion along Cloverdale Road
This is a newer area of erosion but not as large as the area 200 yards to the north along Cloverdale Road.
VIDEO: Pomponio culvert damage
The down pipe, from the culvert on Highway 1, has corroded and the rust has broken through. Water has eroded a large area of soil around the pipe, putting the integrity of the roadway above at risk.